08 October 2011

Download Siri Personal Assistant On Your iPhone 4 & iPod Touch

Saturday, October 08, 2011 · By Ramin asadi

Apple has announced an extremely impressive and important new feature coming to the iPhone 4S called Siri.Siri is a virtual personal assistant on your phone. You ask Siri in your own voice, and it helps you get things done when you’re on the go. Using Siri we can find information about weather, we can search for addresses in Maps and get a route to navigate to that address, we can set an alarm or make an appointment in Calendar, but the worst part is that Siri needs a Internet connection to function.

Apple has already amazed the folks by introducing the Siri to the folks during the keynote on iPhone 4S event, while announcing the event Apple left out the all iOS devices and named the amazing thing just for the iPhone 4S. Well now you not need to worry, because we have our Siri app, which allows you to enjoy the same assistant on your old generation iPhone 4. Siri will be available only in English, French and German in the beginning and more languages are promised to add later.

Assistant will use the advance voice-recognition technology of Nuance to perform tasks such as transcribing texts and carrying out searches. It can be very helpful to you if you’re in a new city. This also means you don’t have to search for apps in your iPhone and tell it what to do but let the Assistant do it for you. But there is more to it than just a module for voice commands as its AI is not limited to only doing these tasks but it will also learn. It will learn which people you like to talk to, what results you like, what are your favorite restaurants, and your favorite news sites. So it will become more personalized with time adjusting to your need.

Apple has already announced that the device will be removed from the App Store right after the launch of the device, so its time to move your butts if you want the same functionality. Might be Apple has block the downloading of the app, so now you have to download the app from our link.

Download Siri App For iPhone 4 & iPod Touch

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