07 June 2011

Nintendo Unveils Wii U Gaming Console and Touchscreen Controller [Video]

Tuesday, June 07, 2011 · By Ramin asadi

Nintendo has just revealed their next generation console, Wii U at E3 today, a new system that uses a unique controller that features a 6.2 inch touchscreen.The Wii U will be available next year and its controller features a 6.2 inch touch screen, four triggers – two larger and two smaller – microphone, gyroscope, in-ward facing camera, a Home button, and an accelerometer.

Nintendo head Saturo Iwata statement on Wii U.
“It was not designed to be a portable video game system.” “The images on the controller are generated by WiiU and transmitted wirelessly,” Iwata explains. Although WiiU can be used without a TV, with the monitor built into the controller.
“It’s a new structure for home entertainment.”
The controller consists of a large LCD touch screen that receives images from the Wii U console where users can manage different aspects of the game that is currently being played. Nintendo showcased a new Legend of Zelda property where inventory management happened on the screen of the Wii U's controller instead of having to activate menus that stop the game and appear on the television screen. They now appear on the screen of the Wii U's controller.

The Wii U controller has packed in it gyroscopes and accelerometers to allow the controller to be used in more movement based abilities instead of being held in a stationary position.

The console supports High Definition gaming, online gaming much like the solutions offered by Sony and Microsoft, and even social networking integration. Nintendo states that the goal of its Wii U console is to serve the avid gamer and casual gaming communities alike, with a single console.

Nintendo continued to display titles available on the Wii U as it makes the move into high-definition gaming. Large third-party titles such as Darksiders 2, Assassin's Creed, Batman: Arkham City, and all of the EA Sports franchises.The Wii U console will launch in 2012 and pricing has not yet been announced.

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