31 March 2011

Comparison Between iPad 2 GSM Vs iPad 2 CDMA

Thursday, March 31, 2011 · By Ramin asadi

iFixit is well-known for tearing down the latest devices and revealing all the inside details. Just after some hours of the public launch of iPad 2, iFixit tore it down. Earlier we have covered couple of detailed comparison reports between iPad and iPad 2 and here is one more addition in our collection of comparisons. This blog post is about the major differences between GSM, CDMA and Wi-Fi models of iPad 2.
Apparently, all the  models looks same but if you remove the cover, then you will see a very clear difference in all three versions. Check out the image below.

Top: GSM,  Middle: CDMA,  Bottom: Wi-Fi

There are basically two main differences.

1. The main difference between CDMA and GSM version is the Micro-SIM card. GSM model has it attached with the antenna whereas CDMA model don’t have it. This difference is because the CDMA model don’t need to save the users’s data in the SIM. In CDMA version, the data of user is hosted on board.

2. Another difference is the CDMA model has an extra antenna like iPhone 4.

 Top: Wi-Fi,  Middle: GSM, Bottom: CDMA

The logic board are also changed in all three versions of iPad 2.

The CDMA version has MDM6600 baseband chip in it like iPhone 4 whereas in GSM model, to host the GSM connectivity, company used the infenion chip.

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